Full VPN Setup for Android : IKEv2 Protocol

Setup IKEv2 on Android
1 Install “strongSwan” app from Play Store
Android IKEv2 Setup 01

2 Open strongSwan and click “ADD VPN PROFILE”

Android IKEv2 Setup 02
3 Type one of VPN server address as server (Click here to find our VPN Server List), choose “IKEv2 EAP” as VPN Type and enter your credentials. Check “Select automatically” for CA certificate and type name of new vpn profile e.g. “nl-am2.serverlocation.co”

Android IKEv2 Setup 03

4 In advanced settings enter “serverlocation.co” as “Server identity”. Then save profile.

Android IKEv2 Setup 04

5 Click at new created profile to connect to server.

Android IKEv2 Setup 05

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