Why do I need to register my IP address?

We need to restrict access to our service to only those customers who have signed up for a free trial or who have a paid subscription.

We do this by only allowing access to certain IP addresses. As a customer, when you register your IP address, that IP address is then allowed to access our service.

Why does my IP address change?

From time-to-time, your IP address can change. This is determined by your Internet service provider. Most ISPs change your IP address whenever you reconnect to the Internet. E.g. When you reboot your modem/router or when there is a power outage.

What happens when my IP address changes?

When your IP address changes, we no longer know who you are, so you wont have access to our service. This wont affect your normal Internet browsing, unblocking will just stop working.

If this happens, you will need to login to your Getflix account and re-register your IP address. There will be a button on the Dashboard that allows you to do this.

Can I update my IP address automatically?

Sure, check out our Can I update my IP address automatically? article for tips on how to do this.


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    Kathy Kaufman

    How do I re-register my IP address? Please provide instructions.

  • Avatar
    Michael Setefano

    Is it possible that your IP address will ever change back to an old registered IP address with getflix?

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    Getflix Support

    You can login here https://www.getflix.com.au/manage/dashboard to register your IP if it ever changes.

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    Getflix Support

    Hi Michael, Your ISP is responsible for assigning you a new IP every time you connect to the Internet. They assign you an IP from a pool of unused IPs, and these keep getting recycled whenever users disconnect from the Internet. So it is possible to end up with the same IP again, although not likely.

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