Why has the service stopped working?

There are several reasons why the service can stop working and you get geo-restriction messages when you try to access content.

1. Your free trial has ended or your subscription has been suspended.

If your free trial has ended or if your subscription has been cancelled (e.g. because a payment failed), your Getflix subscription will be suspended, meaning you will not be able to unblock any services using our DNS.

To check this, login to your account at https://www.getflix.com.au/manage/overview and make sure your subscription is current. If your free trial has expired, you will need to setup a paid subscription to continue using the service.

Note: After re-activating a subscription, you will need to re-register your IP address. 

2. Your IP address has changed.

If your IP address has changed, you will need to register your new IP address in order to access the service.

To do this, login to your account at https://www.getflix.com.au/manage/overview and verify that your IP address is correctly registered.

Note: It can sometimes take up to 10 minutes for services to start working again after re-registering your IP address.

Help! It's still not working!

No problems, we can look into it for you, just raise a support request and we'll be happy to help you out.


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