Samsung F (2013) Series Smart TV

Changing the DNS Settings
  1. Open the Menu by pressing the "Menu" button.
  2. Use the navigational pad to select "Network", then click to enter the sub menu.
  3. Select "Network Settings".
  4. Your TV will now tell you how you have it connected to the Internet. Press "Start".
  5. If you have a wireless network you'll have to select your network and input your passkey. If you have a wired connection, this will not appear. Your device will now test that it's connected to the Internet.
  6. Next, select "IP Settings". Scroll down to "DNS setting" and input the Getflix DNS server address, then press OK.
  7. Your connection will test itself again, press "Next" to save the settings and exit the menu.
Changing the Country

Changing the country on the Smart TV will make it show different apps depending on the location selected. Most users change the country to the "United States" in order to get both the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps.

Please note that performing these steps will reset your TV settings back to factory defaults.
  1. Set the source to "TV". Press the "Source" button and use the navigation pad to select "TV", then click to select.
  2. Open the Menu by pressing the "Menu" button. Use the navigational pad to select "System", then click to enter the sub menu.
  3. The "Setup" option will be selected by default, click to begin setup. You will begin the on-screen setup that you completed when you first purchased the TV. Your previously entered information will be retained.
  4. Continue through the on-screen setup until you arrive at the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page, then while on this page, press the following buttons in sequence.
RETURN (circle with arrow symbol)
VOLUME UP (+ symbol)
CHANNEL UP (^ symbol)
The country list will appear. Select the desired country from the list, then continue to complete the rest of the setup.


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    mick tucker

    this also works on the 2014 "H" series samsung televisions ...

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