When setting up your Roku for the first time, please follow the instructions located on our website: - it is very important that you follow these instructions exactly, Roku can easily detect you as outside of the USA if these instructions are not followed correctly.

Blocking Access to Public DNS Servers

The Netflix and Dishworld apps on some Roku devices (Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick) is hard-coded to use Google's DNS servers. The good news is if you block access to Google's DNS, it falls back to the DNS servers configured on your router (ours!).

See the instructions here: Block Public DNS Servers

Alternative Instructions for a US/UK Roku Account

When you first setup your Roku account, the key point is that your location it sees you connected from will determine the channel options available. The physical address you enter is secondary, and won’t have an impact.

So when you create your Roku account, the most reliable way to have your location correct, is to either use a VPN service temporarily to either the US or UK. We recommend a free tunnelbear account.

Simply select the location server you want (Select GB for UK account setup, or US for US account setup).

When you visit the Roku site, you should be able to tell from the main screen that you are in fact in the correct country account (the channels being promoted with be uniquely US or UK). Then you can continue with your sign up. You will also need to use a US or UK address (Google searching for real estate should be able to help you get an address in either location).

If you wish to change in future, you will need to create a completely new account, with different credit card/payment details.

On the Roku, you must do a Factory Reset to login to a different Roku account. Because of this, you cannot have both channel stores running simultaneously on the Roku, so it is best to chose the one with the most relevant channels for your viewing (or get a second Roku device, so you can have one Roku for each country).


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    Samuel Jones

    Many thanks! Very helpful information!

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    Martin Kent

    For those who get the error:

    "Error code: 5108 Gateway must be in the same subnet with interface IP address. Please input another one."

    Some static rout setups have an 'Interface' option. Change it to 'LAN' and retry. Worked for me on TP LINK router after getting the error 5108 and leaving this option on default.

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