Technicolor Routers (TG587n v3)

Follow the instructions below to update the DNS settings on your Technicolor router.

Note: If you have a Telstra supplied device, a recent software update may have disabled the Telnet interface used in Method 1. If you get a 'connection refused' message at step 1, please use Method 2 instead. 

Method 1 (recommended)

  1. Open a Command Prompt (in Windows) or a Terminal window (Mac) and run:


    (or whatever the IP address is of your router)

    If the Telnet command returns an 'unknown command' error in Windows, see these instructions for enabling it:

    If the Telnet command returns a 'connection refused' error, please use Method 2 instead.

  2. When prompted, enter the username and password for your modem (the default is admin / [blank])

  3. Add your first DNS Server (the closest DNS server from our Setup page)

    dns server route add dns= metric=1 intf=Internet

  4. Add your second DNS Server (the next closest DNS server from our Setup page)

    dns server route add dns= metric=2 intf=Internet

  5. Verify the changes:

    dns server route list

    Your two chosen DNS servers should appear at the top of the list because we assigned metric (2) lower than the default (usually 10).

    On some devices this step produces an error, if this is the case just skip this step (it's just used to verify the above commands worked ok). 

  6. Save these changes

    config saveall

  7. Reboot the modem

    system reboot

  8. Close the Telnet window (it dies when the modem reboots)

Method 2

  1. Open the router by typing into your web browser (we recommend using Firefox or Chrome, some users have reported issues with IE).

  2. Click on this icon:
  3. Then click this box:

  4. Then enter the closest DNS server from our Setup page in the 'DNS Server' box as shown here:

  5. Click 'Save', once the settings have saved, you may need to reboot your PC/Mac or other devices in order to pickup the change.



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