Full VPN: FAQs

How is Getflix FullVPN different from Getflix DNS-over-VPN and Getflix SmartDNS?

Getflix FullVPN provides encryption and security for ALL your Internet traffic. All your traffic gets encrypted and goes through our secure network. Your IP address gets masked from our network and remote locations can not see your original location and IP address. Also with the encryption, anyone in your network like hackers, your ISP, public WiFi operators, etc can not see your Internet traffic.

Getflix DNS-over-VPN only uses the VPN encryption technology for DNS queries. All other Internet traffic works as normal, and wont use the VPN.

Getflix SmartDNS is designed for unblocking geo-restrictions on supported video/music streaming services. It doesn't use any encryption but works with lots of devices.

Do you keep logs?

There is NO LOGGING on the Getflix FullVPN network.

Will this FullVPN encrypt my data and protect my privacy?

Yes, Getflix FullVPN is designed for our users online privacy and security.

Can I use the Getflix FullVPN on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use your Getflix FullVPN account on up to 3 devices simultaneously. But you will need to connect to different Getflix FullVPN network from each device.

Does this feature cost any extra?

No, this feature is free with every paid account.

Do you have any bandwidth limitation?

No, Getflix FullVPN comes with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH for all our users.

Is there any speed limit on your VPN servers?

No, there is NO SPEED LIMIT on our FullVPN network. Our global network is deployed with multiple servers on Gbit connections. Your speed is all related to the data carriers between your ISP and your connected network/country data routes.

How do you handle DMCA complaints?

We don't receive DMCA complaints. We don't host any copyrighted material and all traffic is sent to their original intended destination.

Is BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic allowed on all servers?

No, file-sharing can only be used on P2P allowed networks. We have special networks deployed for this purpose in the countries/networks where P2P can be used. As per our terms of use, our VPN network must be used for legal purposes only, including the use of P2P.

What tools are used to monitor and mitigate abuse of your service?

All Getflix FullVPN servers are deployed with firewalls and state-of-the-art security. We have an automated system in place to detect and mitigate abuse of our service.



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