Full VPN Setup for DD-WRT Routers : OpenVPN Manuel Setup

Below you will find DD-WRT Router Manuel Setup instructions for OpenVPN Procotol


1. Click the Administration tab, then click the Commands tab.

Next, copy/paste the following into the commands area. Be sure to enter your VPN Username and Password, then click Save Startup.

echo Username >> /tmp/password.txt
echo Password >> /tmp/password.txt
/usr/bin/killall openvpn
/usr/sbin/openvpn --config /tmp/openvpncl/openvpn.conf --comp-lzo yes --route-up /tmp/openvpncl/route-up.sh --down-pre
/tmp/openvpncl/route-down.sh --daemon

Make sure to replace "Username" and "Password" with your current VPN username and password. Below is what the screen should look like after:

DD-WRT OpenVPN Manuel Setup 01

2. Go to Services tab >> VPN Tab, check to enable the openvpn client 

In the Additional Config enter the following: 

auth-user-pass /tmp/password.txt persist-key

remote-cert-tls server 

3. Click SAVE

4. Next, reboot your router! 

After your router reboots, you will be taken back to the DDWRT OpenVPN status screen. Wait a few moments while the software refreshes the connection a few times. 

After a minute, you should see a connected status as seen below: 

DD-WRT OpenVPN Manuel Setup 02


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